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QV Wig Glue/Bold Hold

Bold Hold Extreme Creme, from The Hair Diagram, is a top-quality, water-based, non-toxic lace adhesive suitable for hair system and hair unit applications.


With a hold time of 2-3 weeks, it is odorless, humidity-resistant, and waterproof under certain conditions. Unlike some other adhesives, it does not contain latex and dries to an invisible layer after application. Bold Hold Extreme Creme provides a light bond that does not harm the lace or edges, while creating a strong hold that is safe for the skin and scalp. However, it is not recommended for individuals with sensitive skin or skin disorders. To ensure proper storage and use, it should be kept at room temperature (below 90 degrees F), and exposure to temperatures below 32 degrees F should be avoided. As with any adhesive, it is best applied by a certified professional.

QV Wig Glue/Bold Hold


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